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An all-in-one solution created by and for stage artists.

Publish everything, everywhere, all at once. uses the power of AI to help artists organize their tours. We have integrated social networks and concert catalogs directly into the interface. We propose to automatically publish in all major concert catalogs such as BandCamp, Songkick and Facebook, to save time.

Also, to increase your fan base, you can easily schedule posts on your social networks. To help you, the interface makes you relevant content suggestions. Everything is there, ready in one click.



At a glance, you will be able to access all the vital information needed to carry out your tour.

Directly visualize information regarding your social networks and receive relevant recommendations thanks to the artificial intelligence of the platform.

Concerts is here to help you organize your next concerts. Add a concert in just a few clicks, or check out the old dates played. the interface then displays additional relevant information such as the attendance of the venue and even what piece to play according to the tastes of the local audience, thanks to integrated Spotify technology.

You just have to select the site or share your concert, and voila.

Manage and maintain your fan base

Communicating with his fans and analyzing his audience is very simple on the interface.

Connect your favorite social networks and other music platforms to publish content in one click. Out of inspiration? The artificial intelligence of the interface makes recommendations based on your old concert, your style of music and the type of audience you are addressing.

An advertising section is here to help you boost your fan base.


Organizing rehearsals will no longer be an ordeal. offers to add repetitions directly to your shared calendar. A directory section will display all the songs you are playing. Store your scores, lyrics and other notes directly on the interface on an integrated Google Drive.


Do not miss any career opportunity with the Map.

  • Bars, restaurants and other scenes with contact information of officials
  • Local classifieds search artists and project proposals
  • Rehearsal rooms


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Go to the demo and try all the features of the interface, all for free.

Do you have ideas to improve it? We have a page to add your improvement ideas with other testers.

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No debit before launch

Proto Tester

  • Test the complete prototype, give us your opinion and your ideas.
  • You will receive in exchange a pre-launch coupon for


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Testimonials and supporters of the project


7Sundays is a group from the region of Nice in the South of France. They support the project from the beginning.

Le Nid Perché Recording Studio

The recording studio Le Nid Perché is a residential studio located on the French Riviera in a small village near Monaco / Menton.

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"We do not want to do another service that will only benefit the famous bands.

With, we want to make a platform that will help communities of local artists grow and grow."

Cyril, project leader is not just for musicians

Dancers, comedians and other stage artists can take advantage of as well. The platform is easily adaptable and has the capability to support a variety of artists who want to grow.